Whiskey of the Week

The Whiskey of the Week is Jameson’s Irish Whiskey.1

Jameson’s Whiskey is one damned fine sipping whiskey, comes to us from the Irish Distillers of Pernod Ricard in Cork, Ireland, and is easily the world’s best-selling Irish whiskey. I myself have been enjoying the occasional bottle since…oh, around ’92 or ’93.2

Jameson’s was first distilled back in 1810 by a Scottish immigrant to Dublin named John Jameson, and had been continually making the world a better place ever since.3

This is one of those whiskeys that I simply refuse to pollute with a mixer. Best taken neat or on the rocks, Jameson’s is triple-distilled to remove impurities and offers a nice, clean flavor. Jameson’s has both a mild scent of honey and undertones of honey and citrus. At a mere 80 proof (40% ABV) Jameson’s packs a little less kick than my beloved Jack Daniels. You can usually pick up a bottle for ~$25 (as always, my UK friends’ price may vary).

Here’s a review from the good folks at The Whiskey Jug.

And, in celebration of my ancestry, here’s a little tune to drink by. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

1 Because of course it is. This is St. Patrick’s Day, one of America’s annual ethnic drinking holidays (together with Mardi Gras, Cinco de Mayo, and Oktoberfest; who says America doesn’t embrace diversity?4)

Do I need to remind you good folks that I’m a drunk, rather than an alcoholic?

3 You know me Irish ancestors invented whiskey (or uisce beatha in the original Gaelic and means “Water of Life”). Whether you believe that God invented whiskey to keep the Irish from conquering the world or to give us all a respite from the insanity of politics, any drinker whose ever tasted a glass must credit that it’s magic.

I have to admit it–I pretty well stole that line from @jimgeraghty.