Whiskey of the Week

The Whiskey of the Week is Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire.

I confess that I put off sampling this offering for quite a while. A little honey in my whiskey? Sure! But cinnamon? That gave me pause. However, of late I have been trying a number of flavored whiskeys for review here and I finally got around to this one.

I was honestly surprised at how much I liked it. There is a real nose of cinnamon, but the flavor is just slightly sweet (you can definitely taste the brown sugar). Because of its sweetness, I was hesitant to experiment with any mixers (and it stands just fine when served neat), but I was already planning a batch of bourbon slushees,1 so…

I have to warn you that this is a weak drink, measuring a mere 70 proof (35% ABV)–practically soda pop! And you’ll need to rally be in the mood for something sweet to properly enjoy it.2 That said, I have the remains of a fifth chilling now so I can sip it this afternoon while I float in the pool.

You can pick up a fifth for around $20 (a bit more for my friends in the UK).

Here is a review from The Whiskey Exchange.

1 Technically I made sour mash slushees and they were a big hit (I used apple juice concentrate, black tea, and JD’s Tennessee Fire in my recipe). It goes well with hot cider, too.

2 Yes, I am generally in such a mood. It goes with being a drunk.