“Vigilante: Rise of the Demon” now available! (*Updated*)

At long last, Vigilante: Rise of the Demon is now available from Amazon.com!

From the description:

Victim, vigilante, or villain? Depending on who you ask, Robert E. Lee “Bob” Campbell is all three.

His troubles begin after he returns from a tour of duty as an Airborne Ranger in Iraq and is struck by a drunk driver while defending himself against muggers. Bob falls into a four-year-long coma. When he awakes, the world is different. But Bob pushes back his bitterness and regret to start a new life with a beautiful girlfriend. Then she is tragically killed in a spree shooting, and Bob concludes the universe is officially messing with him.

Bob is sick of the crime that saturates society. He decides to take matters into his own hands and becomes the Demon, a violent vigilante capable of keeping up with the criminals. To the police and the FBI, he’s nothing but a villain. To drug dealers, child molesters, and other evil men, he’s a force to be feared.

In this dark superhero drama, follow Bob as he dodges drug cartels, police officers, and government agents. Everyone wants the Demon dead, and Bob will have to decide how much he is willing to sacrifice for his new cause.

Currently only the paperback is available ($14.99), but the Kindle version should be available next week. This is a dark, reality-based superhero tale (more DCEU than MCU in sensibility). I enjoyed writing it and am planning a sequel for next year.

Of course, I have to get Voyage Beyond Fear edited and published first, and the sequel to Blood Debt is in its early stages (but coming along)…

Anyway, check it out. The Kindle version will be available for loan by those that have Amazon Prime, so folks on a budget will be able to read it for free (and reviews are always appreciated!).

I’ll get back to editing shortly (I’m on an Elementary marathon right now) and am planning to enroll Voyage in the Kindle Scout Program in a few months. I’ll update you on how that goes.

*UPDATE* Now available on Kindle for $3.99!