Cigar of the Week

The Cigar of the Week is the Acid Blondie Belicosco.

The Acid Blondie Belicoso Connecticut is a mild body with the Blondie shape finished in a pigtail head. These cigars are sweet and mellow and feature an absolutely fantastic aroma.

These sticks are ring size 54 and measure 5″.

Here is a review from JR Cigar.

This stick enjoys a 4 1/2 star average rating on Thompson (several of the ratings are 5 star), where you can pick up a box of 24 for ~$130. I confess that I have never been much of a fan of acids, but these sticks are turning me around.


A Tweeter worth your time

I’ve been following @MsBlaireWhite since I joined Twitter. Miss White is a YouTuber who puts out some of the best and funniest commentary concerning SJWs you’ll see on the web (Blaire White’s channel). If you have a Twitter account, I recommend following her. And if you enjoy snark, I can’t say enough good things about her videos.

Being a “Put your money where your mouth is” kind of guy, I am a Patreon supporter of hers. Highly recommended.