Quick note to Users and Subscribers

Due to the large number of spambots that enroll as Users each day, I want to alert all readers to two points.

First, the difference between “Users” and “Subscribers.”

If you want to post a comment, then you need to sign up as a User. You should not receive any e-mails about new posts if you do. When you try to post your first comment, you’ll be prompted to sign up as a User.

If you want e-mail notification of new posts, use the “Subscribe” widget in the sidebar (beneath Archives).

Second, If you sign up as a User, but do not post a comment, then you get deleted when I sweep for spammers each day. I get up to 30 User sign-ups per day, but nearly all of them have a disparity between user name and e-mail registration (e.g. pamelageocite123@mailcatch.ru)(yes, I made that one up). This is a pretty good indicator that the User is not an actual person.

If you sign up as a User and comment even once, you are good to go from that point on.

Not trying to discourage commenters. The opposite, in fact–feel free to comment on any post within the seven day cutoff period. Just note that registering doesn’t get you e-mail updates. Subscribing does.


User Registration

If you were a registered user, you have been deleted and will need to reregister. Sorry about that, but too many spam registrations had slipped past me.

Won’t happen again.

Remember, if you want to be e-mailed updates, subscribe via the widget on the lower right side of the screen. This is separate from registering to comment.


On Comments *UPDATED*

For those of you wondering why your comments haven’t been posting, it turns out that nearly all of them were winding up in the Spam folder. Now that I’m hip to this, I’m spending time sorting through it.

Couple of relevant comments I want to address:

1) If you’ve tried and failed to add the RSS feed, that’s fixed now.

2) If you hit the “Notify” button when you were registering to comment, you may be getting multiple e-mails. There should be an “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each. If that doesn’t work, let me know.

3) The “Subscribe” link on the lower left right will send out only one e-mail per day (which will notify you of all new posts). If you want to receive updates, that’s the button to click on.

4) A couple folks have asked me about guest posts. If you click over to the main website (using the “Books, Tweets, & More” button) you can contact me concerning what topic you may be interested in posting on.

5) My Twitter handle is @Circle_Bee. There is a link on the main website.

6) If you added a comment and don’t see it attached to the associated post, it’s because the computer and I agreed it was spam. Try posting again.

7) Comments are now open for 7 days only (for each post). Also, in an effort to cut down on spam, you have to be registered and logged in to post a comment.

8) My book is due out in about five weeks. When copyediting is complete, I will post a few sample chapters on the main site.


My best to you and yours,

Sean M. O’Brien